Top Tips for Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply for Your Baby

Top Tips for Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply for Your Baby

When you are preparing for your baby to come to you, you will be surprised that there are a lot of things that you need to prepare rather than just hugging and kissing.

You will see yourself spending a lot of time to look for the best pack and play for children and other baby gear such as stroller and baby monitor. However, there are also many things that you forget to learn and equip yourself with enough information about. Only when the time has come and you have to handle the problem do you recognize that you donít know anything about it yet.

One of the most common problems, especially for new mom, is that they think they donít have enough breast milk for their baby. You should know that genetically, you will be able to supply enough milk for your baby until he is 2 years old given that you breast feed him regularly. There are also a lot of things that you can do to boost your supply, especially in the first few months.

Top Tips for Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply for Your Baby

Here are some tips to help you have enough milk for your baby:

1/ Breast Feed Frequently

In order to have enough milk from the first day you deliver your baby, you need to breast feed him during the first 2 hours of his life.

Furthermore, you should not worry much about feeding routine for at least 1 month and give your baby breast milk anytime he wants. This will signal your baby to produce enough milk.

There are some periods of your babyís life called the growth spurt. During a growth spurt, your baby will demand more milk than the amount he need the other day. That will make you think that you donít have enough milk anymore. Luckily, this is not true. Just give him your breast anytime he wants and you will see that you will be able to provide enough milk some days later.

One common mistake many moms make during a growth spurt is supplying the baby with formula. Your baby will get enough milk from formula and does not demand more milk from you. And in turn, your body will not provide enough milk for him later, thinking that he has enough.

You should also consider investing in a milk pump. Pumping after you feed your baby will signal our body to produce more milk, hence increasing the production of your breast milk.

Furthermore, if you intend to head back to work while still feed your baby with your milk, you should think about freezing some bags of pump milk. They are also very helpful and convenient when you have to go out for a long day and cannot bring your baby with you.

Top Tips for Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply for Your Baby

2/ Check the Latch And Switch Sides

Good latching is very important to make sure your baby get enough milk and you donít get hurt from breastfeeding your baby.

You will know if the latching is not so good if you feel hurt or your baby cannot suck out any milk. Good latching means that your babyís tongue is sticking out with his mouth wide open so that your entire nipple is in his mouth.

You can help your baby to have a proper latch by putting your nipple slightly higher than your baby nose so that he needs to bend his head a little bit to suck in your nipple.

Another thing to remember is letting your baby sucks from both sides each time. This will help to stimulate both of your breasts to produce more milk.

3/ Relax

The last and also the most important thing to remember is that you should always keep calm and relax. Being stressed will only reduce the amount of your breast milk.

If you use the milk pump, turn on the music while you pump and try not to look to check how much milk you have pumped.

Before and after breastfeed your baby, you should drink a lot of warm water. You can indulge yourself for a cup of hot milk or hot chocolate.

Furthermore, you should frequently massage your breast before you nurse your baby. Or alternatively, you can spend 5 minutes massaging your breast under the running water from the shower. Massaging will improve the blood flow of the breast area and make you feel more relaxed.

If you still have trouble breastfeeding and donít think that you have enough milk, you can seek for advice from their doctor for further suggestion.

Top Tips for Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply for Your Baby

There are a lot of benefits that breast milk can bring to your baby such as stronger immune system and higher IQ scores. It also strengthens the bond with you and your baby. The benefits of breast milk are so tremendous that it cannot be replaced with formula.

I hope that with all of the tips I provide here, you will be able to handle any problem related to the shortage of breast milk in the future. I also hope that you could be able to nurse your baby for at least 6 months and many months later.

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